Could Parise be traded back to NJ?

Hear me out! The Wild seem to be in full panic mode. Parise has made it clear that he has no intention of being part of a rebuild. If the Wild start the season off horribly, he might get shipped out of there.

He's said he's thought about if he signed with other teams, but doesn't regret it because he got to be close to his dad in his final years. But I think that suggests he'd be open to be traded to a good team. If the Devils start the season off as hot as we think they might, and the Wild suck, could he waive his NTC to come back to NJ? Why not? Not many teams have the cap space to take him on. He liked it here. His old linemate and friend Zajac is still here. Imagine something like Wood, Vatanen, a first, and a prospect for Parise.

Am I just dreaming?

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