Regular Season Predictions

Anybody want to compare season predictions? since August arrived nothing majorly key has happened and I am very bored. In this I decided to predict regular season and post season standings. So I am going to post mine and I would like to see what everybody else's predictions look like.


1. San Jose

I have a good feeling Martin Jones is going to have a bounce back year. I am also assuming they sign one if not both of Marleau and Jumbo Joe. Timo Mierer, Labanc, Hertl, and couture are solid foundations of a top 6 and that's not mentioning their back end with Erik Karlsson who I am also predicting to bounce back (3 Goals is just way to low for him)

2. Vegas

3. Calgary

4. Vancouver (W2)

I really think Vancouver and the Pacific are going to be a bit slept on with how stacked the Central is. Crazy enough, I have Vancouver narrowly stealing the W2 spot. I think Quinn is going to have a great year with Demko and markstrom in net, that's a tandem that can really get overlooked, not to mention adding Tyler Myers and Micheal Ferland along with Pettersson in his Sophomore year? Something tells me they can sneak a spot.


5. Anaheim

6. Edmonton

7. Arizona

8. Las Angeles


1. Colorado

Adding Kadri instantly helps their depth scoring along with Burakovsky, this team might just be one of the highest scoring teams. Their D is filthy and as long as Grubauer plays average, this team can do damage.

2. St. Louis

3. Nashville

4. Dallas (W1)


5. Winnipeg

6. Chicago

7. Minnesota


1. Tampa

2. Toronto

I think even without the likes of Mitch Marner in the folds, guys like Matthews, Andersen and Tavares will help relieve the pain of his loss and I have a good feeling Matthews specifically can have a monster season. And who knows, maybe this could be the year they advance into the second round.

3. Florida

4. Boston (W2)

Boston regresses hard compared to last season as I have them at W2 fighting against Particularly Phili who I have as 5th in the metro. I just have this bad feeling that what the Bruins did last year just simply cannot be repeated this year thus, almost missing the playoffs.


5. Montreal

6. Buffalo

7. Detroit

8. Ottowa


1. Washington

2. Islanders

Yes the Isles lost Lehner but man they have one of the best defenses in the league, Pelech, Pulock, Devon Towes and now Noah Dobson? Honestly as long as Varlomov plays at least Average, this team can be pretty hard to score against. I also think Barzal is going to be a stud as he was back in his rookie campaign.

3. New Jersey

Got the boys in red coming in 3rd in the metro. Like i'm sure most of you do, I have a very very good feeling about this team going into this year. There are many "ifs" with this team but they are certainly not super farfetched. Schnieder needs a bounce back which I am pretty confident he can do and our new additions need to mesh well with one another. Like I said, a lot of ifs but for my money they are making the playoffs and making some big noise in the post season as well.

4. Pittsburg (W1)


5. Philadelphia

6. New York

7. Carolina

Carolina had some insane goaltending from the likes of two guys I would have never guessed could do such a thing. I just don't see the goalie support being as good as they were last season. I also have a bad feeling they may not get enough scoring depth up front to keep up with their goals against which is why I have them falling hard into 7th.

8. Columbus

All of these are completely opinionated and are simply my predictions for the upcoming season. I am really curious to see what other people have because with the amount of parody in the league, it is just so hard to predict these things. You have to account for teams who missed last year to sneak into a spot while also taking into account which teams have the potential of missing out.

So these are my predictions, I would love to see what everyone else has and maybe at the end of the year we can come back to this post and see who the closest was. Thanks for reading and I look forward to the debates!

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