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You Can Now Buy a P.K. Subban Devils Jersey at Fanatics on 7/6 (or After)

P.K. Subban is indeed a New Jersey Devil. People are hyped. With Fanatics, you can embrace the hype and get a P.K. Subban jersey and represent both #76 and the best logo in hockey at the same time. Even on 7/6.


Who is best known for wearing #76 in the best league of the greatest sport in the world? P.K. Subban. Who does he play for? After a big & well-received trade at the 2019 NHL Draft, the New Jersey Devils. Is he into being a Devil? He has a new Devilish profile picture for his Twitter account. He stated that “I want a Stanley Cup ring and I want it in New Jersey.” He rocked a sweet Devils t-shirt before revealing his 2019 4th of July swimsuit and jumping into a pool. Clearly, Subban is very much into being a Devil.

What’s today? 7/6. Is today a holiday? No. The trade was in June. But can you celebrate the day? Absolutely - with a fresh P.K. Subban #76 Devils jersey from our partners at Fanatics.

The jersey is a replica style with fabric and fit for the fan in mind. Instead of going to a store and hoping they have your size on the rack or in the back, you can order from a variety of sizes - XS through 5XL - from the comfort of your own home or wherever you get online at the link below. With this Subban jersey, you can now show off to your friends, family, associates, and your world your support for P.K. Subban, the best logo in hockey, and the New Jersey Devils on one officially licensed jersey. Do it today and you can brag about getting #76 on 7/6. If you don’t get it today, it’ll still be available because the fact remains:

The first P.K. Subban Devils jersey has dropped!

And you can get yours right here:

P.K. Subban Devils Jersey for $169.99