The Coach Hynes Delirium

So it's quite obvious that coach Hynes' 141-146-41 record is far from stellar, however; he has remained behind the bench longer than some coaches may have in the past. The reason, only Ray Shero knows for sure, maybe it's because of Taylor Halls' approval or maybe it's their old Pittsburg connection. I believe maybe it's because management likes his system and has been building players that can achieve it. If the older rosters were unable to play to his expectations that could be a reason for the "length of his leash" (kind of what I though happened to DeBoer he was an excellent coach who lost all his players that could perform his vision

Anyways so I would say that Shero has handed Hynes a competitive roster for the first time in his tenure. How much forgiveness is left in the tank with this squad? If we are out of the playoffs after 15 games? 20? By Christmas or the all-star break? For no actual reason I would say if aren't in the mix then it may be time to part ways. That should be plenty of time for the talent to gel, find the right combos and have players accept Hynes' system.

I'd be interested how long other readers would give a losing record this season before letting Hyne's go. Hopefully it's not an issue but if.....

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