How The Devils Keep Taylor Hall.

On June 29, 2016, the trajectory of the New Jersey Devils franchise skyrocketed. In a 1 for 1 deal, the Devils got Forward Taylor Hall, a proven first liner, in exchange for defenseman Adam Larsson. This trade sparked change in Jersey and gave significant hope for the future. The fans knew after this that he would be the #1 guy for years to come, and if we are going to make deep playoff runs, he would be at the core. Taylor had his breakout year with the Devils in the 2017-2018 season, scoring 39 goals with 54 assists; along with winning the Hart trophy as the league MVP. Taylor is a standout player and will always be the offensive centerpiece as long as he is in New Jersey.

Re-signing Taylor looked bleak after the season ended. The team finished with 31 wins, 41 losses, and 10 overtime losses. This record was good for last place in the Metro division. A finish like that does not appeal to a player like Taylor who wants to win and achieve the ultimate goal, the Stanley Cup. However this did allow the Devils to get lucky and secure the first overall pick in the draft. They then used this and drafted USA standout forward Jack Hughes, who recorded 40 goals and 76 assists in 60 games played, and who will be a great playmaking edition to the lineup. In the same 24 hours of that acquisition, Ray Shero got on the phone and called the Nashville Predators, and got defenseman P.K. Subban, who recorded 9 goals, and 22 assists last year, and won the Norris trophy in the 2012-2013 season. This was certainly an off year for Subban who in the past had scored 15 goals and 45 assists in the 2014-2015 season.The latest edition was Wayne Simmonds who is a solid, physical middle 6 forward who has proven to be a 30 goal scorer, but who also had an off year last year only scoring 17 goals and 12 assists. These players and pickups will be monumental in getting Taylor Hall to re-sign, because it proves that Ray Shero and the entire organization are trying to build a solid team that will be a serious cup contending team.

You might be asking, why do the Devils need to re-sign Taylor if they are making all of these good acquisitions? Since he was traded to Jersey, he has been the best player year in and year out. When he is healthy, he can perform at an elite level and provide a tremendous amount of offensive production. In his Hart trophy winning year he had 93 points, the next closest player was rookie center Nico Hischier who had 20 goals and 32 assists for 52 points. He has been the core of the Devils offense since he arrived and will be for many years. If the Devils do not re-sign him, They lose the essential piece that they have lacked since a player like zach parise.

There have been some rumblings that Taylors agent and the Devils have had some contact. This is good because it would be beneficial for the Devils to lock him up to that long-term extension as soon as possible, so they know they have their star secured and they can continue to find players to build around him and his play style. As soon as the Devils can secure Taylor, to sooner they can be on the road to being a cup contending team for years to come.

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