Opening Night Lineup Friendly Contest.

After reading Gerard Lionetti's article on lineup predictions, and perusing numerous posts where many, including myself, made our own predictions, I got to thinking.... Someone is eventually going to be right!

With that in mind, I pose a Completely Friendly Contest to see who can predict the Opening Night Lineup. The rules are simple, post your Opening Night lineup in the comments section below, including four forward lines, three defensive pairings, and two goaltenders, but you only get one shot. Your first guess is the only one that counts. Numerous lineups by the same poster, other than the first, will be ignored. So double check your guesses before submitting. I understand that trades or signings could still happen by then, so include them, simply adding the words "Trade/FA Signing" where a player should go in the lineup. You do not have to guess an exact trade/FA name. It'll be acceptable, even without an exact name. Also, corrections can be made in a follow-up post, but only in the case of blank lineup spots or duplicate names. That is it

The winner will get a whole lotta recognition by..... ME!!!...... and his/her peers. No awards. No trophies. No accolades. Just braggin' rights. If more than one poster has the same lineup, no biggie, you can both win. I know, not exciting. But since there are no prizes, does it really matter that much? Anyway, I know the regular season is still a ways off, but it's the dead part of the summer, and there's little to do. I just want to see who gets closest. Feel free to nitpick each other's lineups. It's going to happen anyway. It's the internet after all. Too late to shut it off. Lol. Enjoy.

With that in mind, here's my lineup. (I, of course, get center stage and do not have to submit mine below. It's my Fanpost):










Starter-Cory, Backup-Blackwood

I do think the lineup will fluctuate as the season progresses, with guys moving up and down, and in and out of the lineup. However, I think this is how it starts. Ray may very well make more moves, but I'm going with this while it's still early in the summer. Silly? Maybe.

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