Quick 3 v 3 Dev Camp Takeaways

I really loved that there was a live stream available for this tournament. It was a great way to see some of the guys we hear about finally jump on the ice. Here are a few quick bullets/takeaways that I got from watching the stream, feel free to comment and add other things that jumped out at you:

  • Hughes was above and beyond the best player on the ice. He has such great vision that allows him to make so much happen when he has the puck. Seems like he was always a step ahead of the defense. Would love to see him on a line with Bratt.
  • Ty Smith looked very good. Has great puck skills & solid awareness. One specific shift jumped out to me where he defended Hughes really well.
  • Boqvist had one of the more memorable goals to me. Got a nice setup pass and ripped it into the back of the net. I think he can make this roster and start making an impact right away.
  • Reilly Walsh stood out to me and kept getting my attention on the feed. Feels like he was always around the puck and making plays. I'm interested to see what happens with him.
  • I want to see more from Schmid and Senn in goal. Both flashed quite a bit and I think they have great potential moving forward.

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