Schneider vs Blackwood - who's gonna be starter?

As we all remember, Schneider was a different goalie after he entered that Minny game in relief and got the W. His save percentage last year was .903. However, from the Minny game on it was .916. A lot of that was because it was .958 in a span of ten days, but then it was still .910 for the rest of the season after that. So what's the real Cory? Is he at least a .910 goalie?

That doesn't even talk about Blackwood... .918 with a GA% of 91% (meaning he gave up only 91% of the goals an average goalie would've given up last year). But of course it's a small sample size.

My feeling is that we have exactly ZERO sure things in net. But we have two chances. Start the season with a platoon, and see who can play. If they both look good, trade Schneider before the end of the season. I like Cory but he gets paid a lot and it's for three more years and he's had serious injury problems. He does have the higher potential out of the two though. There was a long period of Cory's career, before injuries derailed him, where he was going back and forth with Tuukka Rask for #1 save percentage of all-time. It could bite us in the ass to move on from him. Still, I think if we can get (an) asset(s) from him we do it.

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