Muzzin as a trade target

What do you guys think of Muzzin? He's a LHD who's played big minutes and taken on big assignments next to Doughty. Reasonably experienced. I think he'd be a good partner for Severson. I'm willing to part with Vatanen to get him, but Muzzin's a bit cheaper (they both have one year left) so it might take a bit extra. What do you guys think? I think Subban+Butcher is going to be a great offensive pairing. As for a third pairing how probable is it that either Greene or Ty Smith plays wrong side and they get sheltered minutes? Anyway, I think we simply lack a shut-down LHD, it's more important than anything else we're missing right now. And I really don't think Ty Smith can step in this year. And we have a top-six assuming Boqvist can fit in and even if he can't a decent middle-six winger is something you can acquire at any time. A shut-down D to play with Lil Sevo is something we need to prioritize.

What do yall think?

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