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Gamethread #15: New Jersey Devils at Edmonton Oilers

After playing Calgary last night, the New Jersey Devils will take on Connor McDavid and his teammates on the Edmonton Oilers. Will this game feature a decision by the referees that will go against the Devils? Find out and discuss it as the game happens in this post, a Gamethread.

Edmonton Oilers v New Jersey Devils
Get ready for more of this guy. Maybe a whistle will count against him.
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

I intended to mention Connor McDavid getting a favorable call for an equalizer back at the Rock, but despite blowing a whistle for it, I will let it go.

The Matchup: The New Jersey Devils at the Edmonton Oilers (SBN Blog: The Copper & Blue)

The Time: 9:00 PM ET

The Broadcasts: TV - MSG+; Digital - ESPN+; Digital Audio - The Devils Hockey Network.

The Song for the Night: SNFU never shied away from songs with odd and weird subjects. Better Home and Gardens? Yes. A ceiling coming down to keep someone from awaking? Yep. A cafe of cannibalism? You bet. Having a collection of mold? Yes. What about being a zombie amputee? “Where’s My Legs” from their 1986 album If You Swear, You’ll Catch No Fish satisfies.

The Rules: The rules remain the rules even the Devils are taking on McDavid, Draisaitl, Neal, and some other dudes in orange and blue. Please keep your comments clean, legal (read: no streams, no links to streams, no asking for streams, no streams), and all about the games itself. Just as importantly, let’s respect each other. There’s no need for drama or being unwelcoming of your fellow Devils fan. This is a gamethread, let’s focus on the game. Thank you for reading. Go Devils!