Lines that work

What ails this edition of the Devils goes far beyond the line combinations but...

Line 1

Hall - Hughes - Palmieri

57% CF%, 65% xGF%, 58 CF/60, 2.9 xGF/60 in 78 min of 5v5 and an 81% OZFO%

Line 2

Zacha - Hischier - Bratt

66% CF%, 62% xGF% , 66 CF/60, 3.0 xGF/60 in 37 min of 5v5 and a 40% OZFO%

Line 3

Coleman - Zajac - Gusev

52% CF%, 53% xGF%, 62 CF/60, 2.3 xGF/60 in 55 min of 5v5 and a 44% OZFO%

Line 4

Wood - Rooney - Simmonds

48% CF%, 58% xGF%, 57 CF/60, 2.8 xGF/60 in 31 min of 5v5 and a 15% OZFO%

In limited opportunities, these lines win the possession battle, win the xGF/scoring chance battle, and generate offense at a far higher rate per 60 rate than the Devils' league-worst 49 CF/60 and almost league-worst 2.0 xGF/60 rates. In fact, the numbers these lines have generated would rival the most prolific offenses in the league.

The forwards have largely stayed healthy and Seney could easily be plugged in for Rooney while the latter is injured. I'm not one of the many calling for John Hynes to be fired, but there is no reason for the coaches to not gives these lines some more time together.

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