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Garden State of Hockey- AAtJ Podcast Episode 10: Rough Start

Things were not good last what has to change?

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New Jersey Devils v Buffalo Sabres Photo by Sara Schmidle/NHLI via Getty Images

This was a rough way to open the season for the New Jersey Devils and we took a look at what exactly went so wrong. Additionally, we look at some options (pre-line change announcements yesterday) to balance out the squad and try to figure out how they can best play to their identity. John goes further into detail in a featured post this week.

The annual Devils bonding trip also took place, so will we see some of the chemistry established and highlighted by Corey Masisak this week? One can only hope so.

One last piece of housekeeping is the addition of Joe Morrow and John dives deeper into this transaction here.

I know many of you have thoughts on what you’d like to see from the lineup moving forward so what are some of the changes you’d make? Which defensemen would you like to see paired? Which player do you think can turn this start around?

Feel free to comment or tweet at us at @AAtJerseyBlog. Good luck this week, everyone.