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Gamethread #3: New Jersey Devils at Philadelphia Flyers

Wayne Simmonds returns to Philadelphia as the New Jersey Devils and the Flyers resume their rivalry this evening. Both teams will be well-rested. Expect it to be heated anyway. This post is a place where Devils fans can discuss the game as it happens.

Winnipeg Jets v New Jersey Devils
Wayne Simmonds returns to Philadelphia tonight.
Photo by Adam Hunger/Getty Images

After three days off, Our Favorite Team will have another back-to-back set. The first part is in Philadelphia, home of the Second Rate Rivals.

The Matchup: The New Jersey Devils at the Philadelphia Flyers (SBN Blog: Broad Street Hockey)

The Time: 7:30 PM ET

The Broadcasts: TV - NBC SN; Digital Audio - The Devils Hockey Network.

The Song for the Night: August Burns Red has been bringing it hard for nearly two decades now. If you want breakdowns and riffs, then look up these Pennsylvanians. This is one of their more well known songs from their 2009 album Constellations: “White Washed.” Note: All About the Jersey is not responsible for any circle pit that forms during this song.

The Rules: The rules remain the rules even when the team is facing the Second Rate Rivals. Please keep your comments clean, legal (read: no streams, no links to streams, no asking for streams, no streams), and all about the games itself. Just as importantly, let’s respect each other. There’s no need for drama or being unwelcoming of your fellow Devils fan. This is a gamethread, let’s focus on the game. Thank you for reading. Go Devils!