What would Taylor Hall fetch if traded?

With the team in the basement of the NHL, two centers with franchise defining potential, and a superstar with UFA status looming - the Devils are at a crossroad.

Can they sign Taylor Hall to a contract extension and shorten the rebuild window, or trade him to continue stockpiling young talented players?

The high risk/low reward third option - holding on to him as a rental in the hopes of signing him in free agency - shouldn't be entertained even if the Devils improve in the standings. The chances of him walking are too high to warrant the potential reward of improving during a single season.

Taylor Hall hasn't dominated play this season and he is set for a major pay raise from his current contract of 6m AAV. If the Devils have yet to sign Hall, teams will be chomping at the bit for a chance to land him, either at the deadline or in free agency.

The consensus on AATJ seems to be that signing Hall is preferable to trading him, which is understandable - he's a Hart Trophy winner and one of the best in the business.

But what if, in the days/weeks leading up to the trade deadline, there is no deal in place?

My question to the armchair GMs out there, what would Taylor Hall fetch if traded? Any players in particular? And is there a gulf between what you want and what's realistic to expect in a trade scenario?

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