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Garden State of Hockey- AAtJ Podcast Episode 12: Let’s Go, Baby

A turnaround of a week led to the first two wins of the season. News on that and more (including pie!) in this episode of Garden State of Hockey.

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Vancouver Canucks v New Jersey Devils Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

A lot went down this past week for the New Jersey Devils, more so off the ice than on it as the team only played in two games, but Chris and Jenna made sure to recap the first two wins of the season, with Chris tackling the game against Our Hated Rivals and Jenna summing up the first ever Hughes-per Bowl.

How did this turnaround start? A curious move to put Tom Fitzgerald behind the bench was met initially with confusion and now with praise as positive results have started to come in for the 2019-20 squad. Gerard took a look at that and if you’re looking to go into the thought process of John Hynes in making this decision, check out this very detailed piece by the always great Corey Masisak.

Corey also examined Nico Hischier and his shiny new contract as our precious Swiss son committed to another seven years in the Garden State.

For those of you in a state of panic regarding Taylor Hall’s maintenance days, Chris Ryan gives you plenty of reasons to relax and trust the medical staff in charge of it all.

Finally, we leave you with this clip, as if you haven’t seen it already:

Mmmmm, feels good!

Let’s keep the good vibes rolling! As always feel free to tweet us at @AAtJerseyBlog and leave suggestions for future topics. We’ll dip into the archives for some former Devils if we have to. Don’t you worry, we don’t shy away from legends of the Devils ranks like Matt Taormina.

Thanks for listening and as always, Let’s Go Devils!