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New Jersey Devils Fans, Have Your Say with the SB Nation NHL FanPulse

The NHL FanPulse is a new polling initiative by SB Nation to measure fan opinion across the league. This post calls on the New Jersey Devils fans, the People Who Matter, to consider signing up to vote on NHL-related polls.

Winnipeg Jets v New Jersey Devils
You may not get to take a selfie with P.K. Subban but you may have your say in the SB Nation NHL FanPulse
Photo by Andy Marlin/NHLI via Getty Images

As of this writing, the New Jersey Devils have made many Devils fans - the People Who Matter - around the world after each game this season say something to effect of “My disappointment is immeasurable and my day/night is ruined.” Or something more blunt. With more profanity. The gist is still the same. And there is no shortage of opinions about the state of the team and what the Devils need to do to get that elusive first win and start to salvage the 2019-20 season. A common answer to the latter rhymes with Hire Fynes.

Of course, you may have takes, thoughts, and feelings beyond the New Jersey Devils. You may have plenty of opinions about the National Hockey League. If so, then SB Nation wants to hear from you. SB Nation is rolling out a polling initiative known as the NHL FanPulse.

If you view other sites on the network such as Big Blue View for the New York Giants (example post, which is about confidence in the team), then you may have seen this and know what it is all about. If not, that is OK. The NHL FanPulse is for any plugged-in fan of the NHL. You sign up here and if you are selected, you will be asked to vote in quick polls each week on various NHL-related questions and issues from SB Nation themselves. You will be emailed when there is a new poll and then you go forth and vote in the poll. The results will be posted both here and on other team sites as well as potentially on as well. All voting is anonymous, although you are free to share whatever you decided to select.

Posts about the polls will be done on a biweekly basis, similar to the Big Blue View example. The first poll has two main questions. First, which two teams that missed the playoffs last season will make it in 2019-20? Second, which two teams that made it into the postseason last season will miss it entirely in 2019-20? By signing up for the NHL FanPulse, you can give your opinion that SB Nation will love to read.

I suspect that the answer to the first question now may be a lot different than what it would be, say, fifteen days ago. Alas.

The end goal is to have a network-wide polling group of informed fans that pay attention to what is going on in the NHL representing all 31 teams. By adding your voice, SBN can better claim to know what the fans think and feel about the league as opposed to some pundit, media person, or some person on Twitter claim that they represent the fans. Why be represented when you can represent yourself? SBNation is giving you the option through NHL FanPulse.

If this interests you, then do not delay. Sign up here for the NHL FanPulse. Represent the New Jersey Devils. Provide your votes in their polls. No, you cannot vote a certain head or assistant coach out of the organization. But you can be heard by SB Nation, as you should because as a fan of the New Jersey Devils, you are one of the People Who Matter. Thank you for reading.