Follow-Up and Winner to the ESR Opening Night Lineup Friendly Contest

(First let me apologize for getting this out late. I thought I posted it after the first game, but I must have made a mistake because it never went through, so I just re-posted it now)

A little over a month ago I made a Fanpost and held a Friendly Contest to see which fan on AAtJ could accurately predict the Opening Night Lineup. I got 15 entries, which was honestly more than I expected. No one got it exactly right, as everyone predicted that both Jesper Boqvist and Ty Smith would make the team and the Opening Night Lineup. Boqvist made the roster, but not the lineup for Opening Night, and Ty Smith got sent back to Spokane in the WHL. However, there was a definitive winner.

First let's look at the actual Opening Night Lineup for New Jersey's first game of the 2019-20 season against the Winnipeg Jets:








Starter: Cory

Backup: Blackwood

A majority of posters guessed 17 correct names starting in the lineup, including forwards, defensemen, and goalies. There were also three posters who guessed 16, and one with 14. Line predictions can be so random and difficult to predict, especially a month before the season with no Training Camp or Pre-Season to base guesses on. It's no surprise there were so many variations for the lineup.

So here is how it breaks down....Strovib had 14 names correct....... Mel Bridgmansghost, Kleckdough, and Dmac45 had 16 names....... Arooney, PA Devil, JR4202, banstyk, luozhen, VCheech590, Verbeek's Finger, JTclockwork, JanTPL, and Vult81 all had 17 correct names. Unfortunately, some posters forgot to put one or both goalies, so I could only count the names given. Because of this, it made determining a winner easier.

1st Place had guessed 19 names correctly to be in the lineup! Meanwhile, the lines that they got correct were the Hall-Nico-Palms line, the Coleman-Zajac-Simmonds line, and the Wood-Zacha-Hayden line, as well as the goalies.

So without further ado.... the Winner of the ESR Opening Night Lineup Friendly Contest, and the proud owner of.... My appreciation and recognition, as well as a whole lotta Braggin' Rights is.....



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