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Mason Fischer: A Potential 2037 Prospect Profile

Mason Ray Fischer was born earlier today on January 4, 2019. He is technically a prospect in the truest sense of the word as he has the potential to do a lot in this life. This post announces the news and what it means in the short term for AATJ.

Mason Fischer (R) being held shortly after entering this world.
Mason Fischer (R) being held shortly after entering this world.

While New Jersey Devils fans are understandably paying attention to the 2019 NHL Draft class, I would like to give you the inside information for a potential prospect for the 2037 class. Mason Ray Fischer was born earlier today, January 4, 2019, at 11:10 AM ET.

As he was just born, he does not (yet) have a profile at Elite Prospects. There are no highlight clips or quotes from scouts and prospect enthusiasts who can provide their opinion based on observation and analysis. I can tell you his measurables. He measured at 20 inches long and weighed approximately six pounds and twelve ounces as he passed the APGAR Test with ease. I can also confirm he is utterly adorable. The headline photo speaks at least a thousand words and a good number of them are “Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.”

However, his biggest asset right now is that he is a prospect in the truest sense of the word. His potential is just about limitless for the time being. This could mean he may not pursue a career in hockey or sports at all - or he very well could do so. He could also pursue the arts, education, STEM, entertainment, carpentry, programming, human resources, or just about any field he chooses. I can say with confidence that he will be put in a position to succeed and achieve whatever he wants to do that would make him happy. Ultimately, is that not what we all want on some deeper level, NHL Draft prospects or otherwise?

I can also ensure that he will see plenty of Devils hockey as he grows up. Is that not also what we all want too?

OK, that was a bit tongue-in-cheek for those of you who are aware of how we do prospect profiles at AATJ. I am happy and proud to say that Mason has now joined my wife and I. It was not easy to get here, but it was 1,000% worth it. Truly, today was the happiest day of my life. I am also happy and proud to say that Mason and Mommy are healthy and resting at the moment.

Normally, I make a point of it to keep my personal life away from the site. This is a Devils blog. It is not John’s Life with Longwinded Thoughts about the Devils. I appreciate that the larger audience has respected my personal space just as I have respected their desire to have this Devils blog called All About the Jersey be, well, All About the Jersey. I will continue to do so, this announcement notwithstanding.

This is site news in that this will have some short-term impact on my involvement with the site. I have three main goals in life and I just achieved the second through starting a family. (The first goal? To be known for something. This very site is living proof of that.) And family is critical. There will be some adjustment as to how much time I spend writing on this site, whether it is responses to news, weekly division snapshots for Sunday morning, recaps late at night, gamethreads set up in advance, and Monday morning posts. I take a lot of pride in writing a ton because I feel that too many sites (especially in sports) shortchange the fan. I see and pick up on a lot in games and I have a lot to say about Our Favorite Team, so I want to dive deep and provide 2,000+ words about how many posts opposing teams have hit by Devils goaltenders; write up a game recap with thoughts about the majority of the roster even if they did not score goal or make a positive contribution; and provide detailed analysis into what the team should do soon to be better for the future. Ever since finding out Mason was on his way, I will need to re-adjust from these approaches to some degree because the family comes before hockey. Or at the least get settled and then get back to business - whatever happens, happens.

Over the past couple months and seasons, you may have noticed some changes. I do not write up most game previews. Others have stepped in for recaps. Others have chipped in gamethreads and other posts as needed when I cannot be available. This will certainly continue for the next couple weeks as a minimum and may continue further as the Fischers all get situated. I do not want to say I am on a full hiatus because I will try to not to be on it. I do enjoy doing All About the Jersey. I’m not going to stop following the Devils. It’s just that there will be a period of adjustment and that’ll impact this site. I’m not planning on stopping. However, if push comes to shove, then the family wins. Of course, this may all be for naught. For all I know, when Mason keeps me up at 3 AM, then there’s my time to write. That could very well happen.

I will do my best to not become a ghost around here. I’ll still respond to emails, tweets, and other questions. I may not be as timely as I would have been, say, a year ago; but I’d like tot think that is understood now. I’ll try to comment for games and other posts when I can. I definitely will keep an eye on the site at some point every day. (The rules remain the rules. Moreso now that I’m a family man managing a family-friendly-ish blog.) I may still be able to write somewhat regularly for the next few weeks, but we’ll see about that. The grammar and typos may get worse for some time too. Most of all, please continue to follow All About the Jersey and support the other writers as they preview games, recap games, and provide opinion and analysis like few other sites on the Internet. Gerard, CJ, Mike, Brian, Alex, Jeff, Alicia, Nate, Chris, Devin, Ryan, Dan, Nick, and Steve have all been important to keep this site being what it is. They will continue to put content together and keep the community going. All About the Jersey will continue as-is by fans for fans of the team that matters: the New Jersey Devils.

Thank you for reading my personal news that is tangentially related to this site. We will continue on being a Devils blog.