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Kyle Palmieri & the 2019 NHL All-Star Game Open Post

Tonight is the 2019 NHL All-Star Skills Competition and tomorrow is the 2019 NHL All-Star Game. With Taylor Hall injured, Kyle Palmieri will represent the New Jersey Devils. Talk about the Pride of Montvale, New Jersey and the activities at the NHL All-Star Weekend in this post.

2019 NHL All-Star - Media Day
Kyle Palmieri is representing New Jersey in San Jose for this year’s NHL All-Star Weekend.
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

This is the 2019 NHL All-Star Game Weekend. Taylor Hall was initially selected to represent the New Jersey Devils. However, he is injured, so replacing him this year is Kyle Palmieri. The right winger is the team’s current leader in points (38), shots (157), and goals (22). Palmieri’s 22 goals is also tied for 24th most in the entire NHL. The Pride of Montvale, New Jersey will be putting in business for the Metropolitan Division in San Jose this year.

The weekend is split up between the All-Star Skills Competition, which is tonight; and the All-Star Game itself, which is tomorrow.

The 2019 NHL All-Star Skills Competition

The Time: 9:00 PM ET

The Broadcast: TV - NBCSN, CBC, Sportsnet, TVA

The Devil: Kyle Palmieri

The Event the Devil is In: Palmieri will participate in the accuracy shooting contest.

The Five Other Events that will Not Have a Devil: The hardest shot competition, the premier passer contest, the save streak contest, the puck control contest, and the fastest skater contest.

Should Palmieri Be in Those Other Events?: Not really? Maybe the hardest shot competition given how he blasts away one-timers. But I’m not mad about it.

The Full Event Details: From, here are the full lists of players who will be a part of tonight’s events.

The 2019 NHL All-Star Game

The Time: 8:00 PM ET

The Broadcast: TV - NBC, CBC, Sportsnet, TVA

The Format: A 3-on-3 mini-tournament between the divisions. The winner gets a $1 million prize to split between the rosters.

The Matchups: The Atlantic Division vs. The Metropolitan Division, which includes Kyle Palmieri. The Central Division vs. The Pacific Division. The winners play for the money.

The Hope: No injuries! Not that anyone will work particularly hard today. It’s just a fun exhibition for the fans, the viewers, and the sponsors.

The Song for the Weekend: The easy meme is easy. Have a different one that was originally about stars before a few frames of people flopping into space: “Shooting Star” by Bag Raiders.

The Rules: The rules remain the rules even for this league event. Please keep your comments clean, legal (read: no streams, no links to streams, no asking for streams, no streams, no streams), and about the All-Star Skills Compeition, the All-Star Game, and/or Kyle Palmieri. Let’s respect each other, there’s no need for drama or unwelcome nature of any sort. Thank you for reading. Go Montvale!