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Flashback Friday: Hey, Let’s Watch Some Fun Devils Goals

It’s Friday. Let’s unwind with some fond memories.

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Tampa Bay Lightning at New Jersey Devils Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Folks, it’s been a long week for yours truly, and with that in mind and a season fresh on the horizon, I figured “Hey, I kind of just want to watch the Devils doing cool and good things.” Join me, won’t you, for a trip down memory lane for fond memories both recent and distant.

Great Goals in Devils History

The goal that really started it all for the Devils. The old heads will remember this one vividly and any younger Devils fan should be aware of this goal’s significance to the franchise and just how much it meant.

That wouldn’t be the last of MacLean’s heroics in that run. He’d follow with a series-clinching game 7 goal in the Patrick Division finals to eliminate the Capitals (at 12:36 below). In what has really become a bit of a footnote in Devils history, that 1987-88 team was one game away from an utterly improbable run to the Stanley Cup Final.

Up next, lets jump forward a bit to what many consider one of the best series ever played. Overall a painful memory for Devils fans, but this was the team that announced the arrival of the Devils that would dominate much of the next decade. The Devils were down to their last gasp against their most bitter rival, when:

It was a goal that would be the stuff of Devils legend if the overtime that followed bounced the other way. Alas, as we know, it ended up as a bump in the road of someone else’s story. [Side note: Richter should have been tossed from this game for that post-goal reaction.]

One year later, the Devils would get their happy ending, though. Let’s watch the most famous goal of the 1995 Cup run. You know the one.

It’s amazing to watch every time. Unassumingly just takes the puck in his own end and then proceeds to lay waste to the entire Red Wings squad. Dude was special.

Anywho, here’s Marty Brodeur ripping in a goal from full ice in the playoffs:

The Devils have had a lot of special players. We’re a lucky bunch. And speaking of special players here’s another one helping to vanquish two opponents in a row:

Wondering how recently-unveiled Flyers mascot Gritty got that crazy, unhinged look in his eyes? He was at this game when Patrik Elias buried the Flyers to complete the Devils comeback from down 3-1 in the ECF.

I wonder if Elias did anything else significant within the next six or so games. Ah, right:

That 1999-2001 Devils squad is truly underappreciated as one of the best offensive teams of the entire era. They scored a lot of goals, despite being branded with the boring label that never came unstuck after the mid-90s.

Moving right along, here’s that Elias guy again, this time burning a different hated rival to the ground:

I could watch Elias stunting on an utterly defeated and demoralized Rangers team every second for the rest of my life and never get tired of it.

To cap things off, let’s head to 2012, the last year before the NHL was locked out for five years (real shame those five seasons between 2012 and 2017 didn’t happen). First is a goal that goes unheralded in the overall lore of that run, and will forever be a favorite of mine.

Long live the Zajac Running Man Goal.

Next, here’s a fan favorite of the run, coming during a pivotal early moment of the second-round demolition of the Flyers.

Long live the Clarkson Superman Goal.

And hey, you might remember this one too:

Ah, good times.

Recent Favorites

So as not to live entirely in the past, lets look at some fun goals from last season to get us charged up not just for the Devils, but this version of the Devils.

First, lets check back on that Taylor Hall fella, who I hear is good at some of the hockey things.

Not bad.

Pretty good, even.

Oh baby, indeed, Cangy.

Now how bout that Nico Hischier guy?

This kid might make it in this league, I think.

Okay fine, a couple more then we’ll go. First, the goal of the season perhaps, from a bit of an unlikely source.

And hey, lets see the first playoff GWG in six years before we hit the road.

Your official AAtJ Season Preview will be coming at you next week with all of the analysis and prognostication on Jersey’s Team you could ever want. Season starts next Saturday in Sweden. Get excited, everyone. Go Devils.