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New Jersey Devils Avoid Arbitration with Stefan Noesen

Noesen had a solid first full season with New Jersey including a memorable revenge game against his former Anaheim Ducks teammates. He earned himself a one-year contract comparable in value to the one that his Plano/Devils compatriot Blake Coleman signed earlier in the day.

Tampa Bay Lightning v New Jersey Devils - Game Three Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Stefan Noesen had a pretty solid full season as a third/fourth-liner for the New Jersey Devils and was rewarded with a one-year, $1.725 million deal to stay with Jersey’s team:

The deals for Blake Coleman and Noesen were announced within a few hours of one another as the two young Devils from Plano, Texas continue to have eerily similar summers.

Coleman, 26, got engaged and Noesen, 25, got married. Coleman got three years at $1.8 million, while Noesen got just one at $1.725. It’s demonstrative of the Devils valuing Coleman slightly higher due to his penalty killing prowess and history with the organization, while Noesen will have to prove his worth for an extension before he becomes an unrestricted free agent in a few years. Coleman’s deal encapsulates his first two years of UFA status while Noesen looks to improve upon one of his most successful campaigns in 2017-18 and continue to be a part of one of the most tenacious shutdown lines in the NHL between Travis Zajac and the aforementioned Coleman.

Noesen scored a career high 13 goals, contributed a career high 14 assists and played in a career high 72 games for New Jersey and contributed some memorable moments in an extremely memorable season:

Here’s to another year of highlights and stalwart pestering from Mr. Nose Emoji himself!

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