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Five Picks for NJ Devils: 2018 NHL Draft Rounds 2 Through 7 Open Post

Today is the second day of the 2018 NHL Entry Draft. This is when the second through seventh rounds will take place. The New Jersey Devils have five picks. This is an open post for AAtJ readers to discuss the draft as it happens.

2018 NHL Draft - Round One
It’s the 2018 NHL Draft! Day 2! Kid with a sign! Exclamation marks!
Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

Last night, Spokane defenseman Ty Smith fell to seventeenth overall and the New Jersey Devils selected him. He is a fast, attacking, and supportive left-handed defenseman. Not big; but that was the theme with the first round of the 2018 NHL Entry Draft. Fourteen defensemen were selected and nine of them were officially listed at six feet or under. There were some reaches in the first round, but the Devils fans should be pretty pleased with what happened on June 22.

Today is June 23, the second day of the 2018 NHL Entry Draft. Rounds two through seven will take place today. While the New Jersey Devils will have to wait a bit, this is the day where a team can turn a draft class into something solid for the future. Yes, the stars tend to be first rounders. Very few are found after the first three rounds (or even the first two). But finding a Miles Wood (fourth rounder in 2013) or a Jesper Bratt (sixth rounder in 2016) on the second day of the draft can absolutely benefit a team. It means one potential less need or one more asset to add to a strength. It means not having to sign a veteran to serve a similar role for more money. Even with five picks in the fourth to seventh rounds, those are opportunities for the Devils to find a future player. We will find out today who they think can be somebody someday.

The Time: 11:00 AM ET

The Broadcast: TV - NHL Network, Sportsnet, TVA Sports. Otherwise, go to and follow their draft tracker.

The Devils’ Picks Today: They have five remaining for today. Here they are, in order:

  • Fourth Round - 110th Overall (17th in round)
  • Fifth Round - 136th Overall (12th in round, Calgary’s pick via Arizona)
  • Fifth Round - 141st Overall (17th in round)
  • Sixth Round - 172nd Overall (17th in round)
  • Seventh Round - 203rd Overall (17th in round)

The AAtJ Prospect Profiles: All of them are here.

A Song for the Day: Something chaotic yet with meaning seems appropriate for the second day of the draft. A good example of that would “Forget” by The Chariot. The song is from their final album, One Wing, and the video is from a show they had at Chain Reaction. Long live.

The Heads Up: This day goes fast. Expect posts on Devils picks or moves that are bare bones at first with more information added later. So please revisit those posts later in the day to learn a little more about the players the Devils have chosen today. Each post will have a poll that will ask for your initial reaction to each pick. The polls will end just before tonight as Sunday will have a summary of what you all thought of the draft class.

The Rules: As always, keep your comments clean & respectful to others, relevant to the Devils and/or the NHL draft as a whole, and do not post illegal streams. We will be trying our best to get posts up for the picks made when they happen. Once that’s done and the draft is over, I will attempt to summarize the Devils’ actions. So please bear with us throughout the morning and early afternoon. Thank you for spending a part of your Saturday with us as the 2018 NHL Draft closes out.

After this is the next big part of the offseason: Free Agent Frenzy on July 1.