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New Jersey Devils Podcast Talking Red Episode #262 - Playoff Odds

Dave and I (CJ) discuss the Devils possible return to playoff hockey and other big issues surrounding the team such as the goaltending situation in this week’s episode of Talking Red

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The Devils have beat the odds once again, having come out of a hellish 7-game stretch — consisting of a 6-game road trip comprised exclusively of playoff teams kicking into a back-to-back in our return home against the best team in the NHL — with a 5-2 record. Playoff hockey is a real possibility again for our boys.

In this week’s episode of Talking Red, David Sarch and I discuss the most recent bout of winning, the end of the #StreakOfStreaks, the playoff probability landscape and the experience of watching a bubble team claw for the last spot. We also talk about specifics such as the Devils special team performance, the future (both immediate and long-term) of the goalie position, and the wonder that is Nico Hischier.

The ways to listen to this week’s episode, which is 57:39 long and 26.39 MB in size, are the same as ever:

Right here embedded on this page

Thanks to Dave for having me on and thanks to everyone else for listening. If you have questions or comments, you can leave them here or the Talking Red website. Alternatively, you can paster me (@CJTDevil) or Dave (@TalkingRed) on Twitter. Have a great week!