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New Jersey Devils Podcast Talking Red Episode #259 - What’s Going Wrong

Dave and I (CJ) talk about the Devils losing ways, the poor goaltending, the defensive lineup, possible trade deadline moves, and Cory Schneider’s future in this week’s episode of talking red.

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This week, Dave and I discuss the latest losing streak the Devils have suffered. We talk about possible causes including Kinkaid’s poor goaltending and the defenders finally maxing out on their low potential. We also discuss if there are lineup moves that should be made on that end re: Mueller or Santini. With the trade deadline approaching, we discuss if there are any moves Shero should be making. And at the end, I attempt to break Devils internet by opening a discussion about if a Schneider trade makes sense from a value and timeline perspective.

The ways to listen to this week’s episode, which is 49:48 long and 23.43 MB in size, are the same as ever:

Thanks to Dave for having me on and thanks to everyone else for listening. If you have questions or comments, you can leave them here or the Talking Red website. Alternatively, you can approach us with your gripes in Twitter therapy sessions held at at @CJTDevil(CJ) and @TalkingRed (Dave).