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New Jersey Devils Podcast Talking Red Episode #258 - All Star Break Blues

This week, Dave and Mike talk about a rough month in Devil-land and where the rest of this season is headed after the break.

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This week, Dave and I dive into what has been a depressing last four weeks for the New Jersey Devils. We talked about the team’s recent woes on the ice and the bad luck, poor play, tough bounces, and questionable refereeing that have contributed to them. We also go into the fluctuating expectations for this team at various points including the start of the season, the end of December and now. Beyond that we took listener questions and discussed some positive news on the prospect front, the All-Star game, an old friend being on waivers, and the future for John Hynes.

The ways to listen to this week’s episode, which is 49:48 long and 23.43 MB in size, are the same as ever:

Thanks to Dave for having me on and thanks to everyone else for listening. If you have questions or comments, you can leave them here or the Talking Red website. Alternatively, you can yell at us for being too negative (or too positive) on Twitter at @ColdSportsTakes (Mike) and @TalkingRed (Dave).