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Bingo Bites OT: Off-Season Rendition

The Bites returns for the first time here with some early summer notes on the AHL

Binghamton, NY Albany goaltender Mackenzie Blackwood (#29) makes a save in last years action in Binghamton.
Alicia S

I run an occasional feature called the Bingo Bites during the season with some thoughts as it progresses with an eye on prospects, or whatever becomes the hot topic.

But today, I begin with some off-season notes in regards to this recent tweet from the Rochester Americans’ feed, which read from the following that caught my interest;

That itself, is amazing.

I mean, It truly is.

I have never been more encouraged in this social media craze that we live in to have such a simple tweet to be a more powerful message. This is what I have so willfully hoped for from a parent club. It not only gives the fans some encouragement, but the entire organization to boot that, yes, we are together in this. To not only win, but to be successful in grooming a winning atmosphere.

In the past, the Binghamton Senators were our spirits only to disappoint for so many seasons and beyond that I’ve recently lost count. Yes, there was that Calder Cup run in the spring of 2011 that quenched the thirsts of many, including myself, but after that it was just the run of the mill with many, including head coach Luke Richardson and his failures to escape the first round with one win to his credit in two years versus the mighty Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Pens.

However, I remain ever optimistic that the new team in town will hopefully erase doubts, that this, a hockeytown and it’s fanbase will enjoy whats ahead for the new era of Devils’ hockey here in the Southern Tier of NY.

Logo Announcement

The Binghamton Devils will have the much anticipated logo and jersey reveals set ahead for on Saturday, July 29 at noon. No word yet on a third alternative jersey, but the team tweeted it won’t involve the ever-present ‘B’ logo that has gone viral recently.

AHL 2017-’18 Schedule

The schedule will be announced this week for the earliest time in recent history with the hope the the new team in Belleville will face off in Binghamton, as the new club in Canada still needs time in their renovation’s on their home rink.

Either way, this is no brainer I would image.