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Volunteers Obtained: Welcome Chris, Dan, Nick, & Ryan

The offseason for All About the Jersey continues to be positive. In response to a call for volunteer two weeks ago, this post announces that four people will be joining: Chris Fieldhouse, Dan Rozel, Nick Varney, and Ryan Grosso.

There is some site business to take care of today and it is good business. Two weeks ago, I put out a call for volunteers to help out at All About the Jersey. I requested more people to handle news postings so there can be more timely posts when news breaks regarding the New Jersey Devils. I requested more people to preview games and recap games when Devin and I cannot. I received several responses for both just days later. Now, I can say there are new people who will help out here.

I am always appreciative that there are so many readers who are willing to volunteer for this site, a Devils blog. It speaks to two things. One, people do read and care to be apart of it. Two, that I’ve been able to do this for several years is further evidence of the strength of the readership. I truly thank you all - I could not have asked for a better group of readers.

I especially thank those who did supply an entry of any kind for these positions. It is not an easy thing to do. Some people like to talk about being a part of something; there’s a little more involved in trying to actually be a part of it. And I am gracious that there were several individuals willing to volunteer in this go-round and in past calls for help.

Anyway, here are the new names you’ll be seeing around here: For news, Nick Varney (formerly NickVarney90) and Dan Rozel (formerly DanRoz) will be joining Chris M. and Steve. For previews and recaps, Devin will be joined by Chris Fieldhouse (formerly chrisf1) and Ryan Grosso. I welcome all four to All About the Jersey.

Unrelated to this and more related to the Devils, I’ve been kicking around the idea of reviewing every icing play from the Devils 2016-17 season. Both for and against. Why? To learn the following:

  • Who actually iced the puck the most on the Devils last season? (This info isn’t in the play by play logs online, so, yes, this alone will require viewing each instance.)
  • What caused those icings?
  • Was there a forecheck involved with said icing?
  • About how long was the break between the icing and actual faceoff?
  • How many shot attempts did the Devils face after that icing before a zone exit or some kind of stoppage (goalie freeze, puck out of play, penalty, goal)?

I normally just do what I want, but in this case, I would like some outside opinions. If I actually engage in doing this kind of project, would that be worth posting here? Would it be better to provide incremental progress or just to have one giant summary? I’m just curious as to what would be preferred.