AATJ Members Mock Draft '17

Hey, all!

I have come up with a cool idea for some really good discussion and interaction on our favorite team blog.

We all have our own opinions and like to discuss all things NJ Devils. Seeing as the biggest summer in the franchise's most recent history is nearly upon us, I suggest a member's mock draft. I think it could be fun and informative.

I only suggest that we establish some basic guidelines:

- Basing it on Shero keeping all 11 picks just to make it things more clear and concise.
(He will probably use a couple of them but, for the sake of simplicity and continuity let's say he will keep all 11). Perhaps we can revisit and add some wrinkles afterward if people really want to get creative and go all out.

- Trying to base our picks off of majority rankings, so as to try and make it somewhat more believable.
(EG. Nolan Patrick drafted in the 3rd round is not likely if not almost impossible.)

- No need for explanation in an original comment stating picks. Afterward, commenting on another person's picks is cool and will be where we can back up or refute each another's choices.

I will try to start this off myself but, if someone else beats me to it, then, so be it. Just add your picks to this thread.

I, look forward to seeing how this plays out, hopefully, we can get a lot of awesome interaction.


Just in case, here are a couple of links, that I find quite useful, for this process:

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