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New Jersey Devils Podcast Talking Red Episode #237: It’s Time

The NHL Entry Draft. The Expansion Draft. New uniforms. Free agency in just over a week. Even a trade. It’s time - it’s the busiest time in the NHL offseason. Mike Stromberg and David Sarch discuss it all in this episode of Talking Red. It also features an interview with Maxime Duquet of Future Considerations.

Talking Red
Talking Red #237

It’s time. This is the busiest part of the NHL offseason. The NHL Entry Draft is this Friday. Free agency begins next Saturday. Buyout windows are open. The expansion draft results will come out tonight. The Devils traded picks for Mirco Mueller prior to that expansion draft process beginning. There are even new jerseys for the New Jersey Devils (which I am not a fan of), which were revealed yesterday. There’s a whole lot to talk about with respect to the New Jersey Devils in this offseason. As such, there’s a new episode of Talking Red. Yesterday, Mike and David Sarch got together to discuss all of the activity, speculation, and excitement for this busy time of the offseason in this episode.

But that’s not all. David also managed to get an interview with Maxime Duquet of Future Considerations about the best prospects coming out of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. There’s this Swiss fellow from Halifax that you might have heard of. With the NHL Entry Draft right around the corner, it’s a good refresher on those potential picks coming out of Q. Thanks go to Maxime Duquet for appearing on the show.

The ways to this listen to this episode remain the same regardless of how long the gap is between when it was posted at the TR site and here. You can listen to it directly on the Talking Red website. You can download it on iTunes, Stitcher, or other podcasting apps. Or you can stay on this page and stream it right from here. This episode is 25.97 MB and is 56:44 long.

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