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Jordan Bellerive: NHL Draft Prospect Profile

Jordy Bellerive, the second-line prospect for the Lethbridge Hurricane, is the next player about to be profiled. Could he be drafted by this Devils team?

Last season, the Lethbridge Hurricane made it all the way to the 3rd round of the WHL playoffs, with Jordy Bellerive an integral part of the team. Having now completed his sophomore year in the WHL, would he be a fit for this Devils team?

Who is Jordy Bellerive?

According to Elite Prospects, Bellerive is an 18 year old center who shoots lefty and played for the Lethbridge Hurricane. He is 5’10, 194 pounds. In his rookie WHL season, he recorded 11 goals and 25 assists in 65 games, which aren’t too impressive numbers. In the most recent season, he improved on both numbers, with 27 goals and 29 assists in 70 games, which still isn’t too outstanding considering it’s the juniors. What is interesting to me is the fact that he his penalty minutes are extremely high both years, with 75 in his first season and 86 in his second, showing he could work on his discipline. In 2016, Bellerive only featured in 2 games for the Hurricane in the playoffs, and recorded no points. In 2017, Bellerive recorded 7 goals and 7 assists, while also getting 22 penalty minutes in 20 games.

Overall, he was 4th on the team in goals, assists and 7th on the team in assists. He finished 6th in points, and 4th on the team in penalty minutes. Because this team had Giorgio Estephan and Tyler Wong, two of the best WHL players, Bellerive didn’t get too much playing time, which means he can still grow. However, who knows how he’ll end up turning out.

Where is Bellerive ranked?

Bellerive isn’t a highly ranked prospect by any means, but he could end up being something good. Here are his rankings according to certain websites.

NHL Central Scouting Services (Final and Midterm), North American - 82, 91

The Draft Analyst (Final and Midterm) - 122, 104

Other websites such as Future Considerations and TSN both don’t have Bellerive listed, showing they don’t view him as anything too special. Based on this, it shows he isn’t as highly ranked as most other prospects. gave Bellerive a C rating, showing he’s a 4th-6th round prospect.

What Others Say About Jordan Bellerive

There aren’t many things to say about Bellerive online. In fact, a Google search leads to nearly no results at first glance. However, there is a little bit found about him.

According to an article about the Bellerive family, Bellerive’s father gave this description about him

He has that steel-trap of a mind – he’s incredibly resilient mentally – and that allowed him to always be competitive, but more in a way that he was inspired by them.

While this is from 2014, Kelly Friesen gave a scouting report of how Bellerive was entering the WHL. If too much hasn’t changed, Bellerive was described in this way.

The 5-foot-10, 177-pound Bellerive, who potted 61 goals and 114 points in 49 contests, is best known for protecting the puck well, physicality and speed.

While this scouting report obviously didn’t manifest to stardom, it gives a representation of how Bellerive plays.

According to Janik Beichler of Fansided

Jordan Bellerive is a smallish (5-foot-10) but highly skilled centre who knows how to create offence.

Again, there isn’t too much about him, or at least that I could find, so it’d be greatly appreciated if you guys could post other links talking about how Bellerive plays.

A Little Video

The first goal seen shows a fast, shifty players. Also, shoutout to the fans for all the hats thrown onto the ice. THAT was impressive. His second goal involved some good puck-handling, juking out the goalie before depositing the puck past the goalie. These highlights show a player who knows what to do with the puck.

The first assist by Bellerive wasn’t impressive at all, just a simple pass to the point. The goal by Bellerive was an amazing snipe, right by the goalie for the goal. Bellerive’s second assist was a split-second decision, deciding to center the puck as soon as he received the feed.

Finally, this video shows a different side of Bellerive’s game.

With 86 penalty minutes, Bellerive is definitely an agitator of some kind. This shows that he can stand up for himself, and hold his own. While Bellerive’s future as a NHL player doesn’t rely on his ability as a fighter, this shows he can step up if needed.

An Opinion of Sorts

I don’t know what I think exactly. There just isn’t much on Bellerive at all. On one hand, he was a former top WHL prospect, with the potential to be a star. On the other hand, it appears he never developed into that WHL star. Thus, I have no idea how to view Bellerive. Maybe he has the potential to be something very good, but maybe he doesn’t.

With that note, it’s likely Bellerive will still be available in the 4th, and maybe even the 5th or 6th round. It really depends on if the Devils fall in love with him. Again, I’m fine with the Devils taking a chance on a prospect like Bellerive with a late round pick, but I’m not in love with it. Maybe my opinion could change later.

Your Thoughts?

So, what do you guys think of Bellerive. Would you like to take a chance on a former top prospect? Again, I couldn’t find much about Bellerive, so if you know more about him please let me know in the comments below. I apologize for the very little information provided.