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Grant Mismash: 2017 NHL Draft Prospect Profile

USDP prospect Grant Mismash offers an intriguing mix of physicality and offense. Would he be worth a 2nd round pick?

While the main focus on this draft will be whether the Devils draft Nolan Patrick or Nico Hischer, value can definitely be found in the 2nd round. Players such as Damon Severson, Victor Rask, Brandon Saad and Nikita Kucherov were all found in the 2nd round. With this pick, the Devils may look for a physical, gritty forward in Grant Mismash.

Who is Grant Mismash?

Grant Mismash is an 18-year old center, who recently spent 2016 with the USDP and the USHL. Mismash was born on Februray 19th, 1999, and has an older brother currently playing in the NAHL. At 6’0, 183 lbs., size is not a concern with him. In 2015, he recorded 23 points in 35 games with the USHL, and 44 points in 58 games with the U17 team. He improved on both numbers in 2016, recording 24 points in 26 games with the USHL and 61 points in 65 games with the USDP, putting him in lead for points in the USDP. Mismash’s stats according to Elite Prospects can be found here.

Mismash is highly rated among prospects, and himself has stated that he enjoys playing with a more gritty, physical style. He possesses the ability to have an offensive presence whilst also offering defensive physicality. His game has been compared to that of Corey Perry, according to

According to, he is the 24th ranked North American skater. He is the 47th ranked skater according to Future Considerations. According to The Hockey Writers, he is projected as a low-first round draft pick, with a chance to fall into the second as a value pick.

What Others Say About Grant Mismash?

NTDP coach John Wroblewski offered this to say about Mismash:

To me, he's got a little more of a speed game and power game. I think Grant, when he's really wheeling and he stops, starts, and gets to the neutral zone, blue line to blue line with a lot of speed, that adds a tremendous amount of momentum to his game. So he's got to be a guy who continuously is on the hunt. And when he is, he's an extremely effective player.

This quote allows for readers to identify Mismash as a player who constantly needs to be on the move, and whom possesses good speed. However, this quote also implies that Mismash may have a problem with consistency, as evidenced by the last statement by Wroblewski.

In the same article, Mismash stated this about himself.

I'm physical. I like to play outside of the game. I like to shoot the puck and make passes. I just like to work for my teammates and compete.”

While Mismash himself is the one stating this, it at least allows for the reader to feel comfortable with the fact that Mismash knows what type of player he is, and won’t try to play a different type of game. He does like to shoot, as evidenced by his 167 shots in 65 USDP games, good for almost 2.5 shots a game.

As described by Ryan Wagman, Mismash has potential to be something good

Between his NHL shot, strong skating and hockey smarts, Grant Mismash will play a good middle six role. He played in a similar style to USNTDP teammate Brady Tkachuk, although a half-notch below the youngest Tkachuk brother, making it easy for him to be overshadowed.

To be a half-notch below a Tkachuk brother is nothing to be ashamed of, and a middle-six role for a 2nd round pick is nothing to scoff at. If his skills can further develop, perhaps he could even end up as a top-six center.

Videos To Watch

Here’s a video of a two goal performance against Finland. While the first goal didn’t show much, the second goal was able to show his vision and ability to get to a good place to pot the goal.

This goal below shows his hands, and ability to juke out a goalie on a breakaway

An Opinion of Sorts

Originally, I wasn’t such a big fan of Mismash. A gritty forward is a surplus for the Devils at this point, especially one that isn’t guaranteed to succeed. However, I do believe that Mismash has the ability to develop, and I do like the scouting reports. If he can develop anywhere close to Corey Perry, I’m a big fan of investing a 2nd round pick on him. That is, however, unlikely to happen anyway, as Mismash may not drop to the Devils. If he does, I advise the Devils draft him right away.

One thing Mismash does need to improve on is his defense and backtrack, as is the case with most prospects. However, he does seem to be more advanced than most prospects in that aspect, so he could be easier to develop than others.

Your Take
So what do you guys think of Grant Mismash? A potential power-forward of the future, if he improves his defense whilst maintaining his offensive potential, he could be someone to watch out for in the future. Do you agree with me? Let me know in the comments below, and take care guys.