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New Jersey Devils Podcast Talking Red Episode #231: Disappointing Deadline

On a quick post-deadline episode, David Sarch and Mike Stromberg discussed (and commiserated about) the underwhelming deals the Devils made at the deadline.

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Coming into this week, the Devils didn’t have a whole lot left to look forward to this season beyond the trade deadline. The hope was that the team would be able to sell off their rentals and bring back a few solid assets for the future. On this quick post-deadline recap, Dave and I talked about how that... didn’t really happen. All three trades made on deadline day, including the Kyle Quincey and P.A. Parenteau deals, were discussed and a sufficient amount of grumbling was included. Beyond that, a look was taken toward the rest of the season and the draft lottery.

Ways to listen to this episode are the same as always. You can listen to it directly at the Talking Red website. You can download it on iTunes, Stitcher, or however you get your podcasts. You can stay right here and stream it below. However you choose to listen, the episode is 31:59 long and 14.64MB in size.

If you have any questions or comments about the show or have additional deadline grumbling to add, you can do comment here, contact David on Twitter at @TalkingRed, or leave a message or voicemail at the Talking Red website. Thanks for listening and have a good week.