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The New Jersey Devils and The 2017 NHL Trade Deadline: Open Post

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Today is the NHL Trade Deadline. Will the New Jersey Devils sell and how much will they sell? What will other teams do? This is an open discussion post for readers to discuss all of today’s action.

New York Islanders v New Jersey Devils
“Am I going anywhere?” We’ll find out soon enough, Pierre-Alexandre.
Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

My fellow Devils fans, today is the final day that franchises in the National Hockey League can make trades in the 2016-17 season. All trades need to be registered with the league office by 3:00 PM EST. After today, the 23-man active roster limit will be removed, the salary cap and the 50 contract limit both remain in place, and that is that in terms of deals until the season is completed. This is the last chance for teams to acquire that so-called “missing piece” to put their team “over the top,” or for a team that isn’t going to be playing after April 10 to acquire more assets for a better tomorrow. Today is the 2017 NHL Trade Deadline.

The sense I get for this year’s trade deadline is that it may not be all that and a bag of chips. Trade deadline day over the past few years haven’t exactly been astounding. The biggest deals - say, Hall for Larsson - in 2016 came in June, not February. The way the NHL rewards games has led to a false parity in the standings, leaving teams, players, and fans to think they’re closer to postseason hockey than they may truly be. That also factor into decisions made for the trade deadline. It remains unknown what the cap will be for next season; that’s another constraint. Speaking of constraints, the expansion draft in June requires teams to expose players that meet certain requirements. That can also hamstring teams from making a move they may otherwise consider. That all said, it’s the last day for deals and those who want to buy or sell tend to do so when they have to. The have to is today.

Of course, there have a been a few moves made already. Sure, some are minor. The two involving the Devils certainly was: Vernon Fiddler for a fourth and Sergey Kalinin for Viktor Loov are both trades that set no headlines on fire. But there have been more significant ones made prior to today as per TSN’s Trade Tracker. Dallas and Detroit both made selling moves. Dallas sent Patrick Eaves to Anaheim for a conditional second round pick in 2017; while Detroit moved Tomas Jurco to Chicago for a third rounder in this year’s draft. Carolina made a more intriguing deal as they sent defenseman Ron Hainsey to Pittsburgh for Danny Kristo and second rounder in 2017. Ben Bishop is now a King, which begs the question: who’s not being protected in net for Los Angeles? Martin Hanzal went to Minnesota in exchange for many picks. Washington went all-in with renting Kevin Shattenkirk’s services for the rest of this campaign. Where will Matt Duchene and others be? We’ll find out today.

This is an open post for you to discuss what goes on today in terms of trades. You are free to talk about what trades have happened by anyone in the NHL. You are free to talk about what the New Jersey Devils should do, should not do, and what they have done so far. You are free to react to deals that happen. Please do not post false rumors, "hot tips from sources" that nobody knows, and cite Twitter accounts that aren't legit or real insiders (Hint: spelling insider wrong is a clue that they aren't). Having done this for quite some time, I can tell you that the readers and I don't have the time for riling people up over falsehoods. Stick to real people with real Verified marks on Twitter accounts, and follow real sources of news from known beat reporters (e.g. Andrew Gross of Fire & Ice) to big companies (e.g. as mentioned, TSN) to credible hubs (e.g. SB Nation's 2017 NHL Trade Rumor Hub). It's better to be right than first. All other rules apply (no trolling, no swearing, etc.) to this post as well.

As today is the NHL Trade Deadline day, this post will be the main post until this evening. Then, I will summarize all of the action - or lack there of - by the Devils for the day. I may touch on other teams as needed. During the day, should there be any deals done by Ray Shero, I will have you covered with a post summarizing the news and you can freely comment on it there too. If you're looking for the February Month in Review, that will go up later today. We'll return to more normal posting tomorrow with the team's first post-deadline game. Enjoy the 2017 NHL Trade Deadline! Thank you for reading.