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Bingo Bites: Old BSens’ Jerseys, GM Fitzgerald Talks & A Classroom Visit

In this edition of the Bites I begin on what was bothering me before last Saturday nights BDevils’ game

Fans celebrate a goal during a recent Binghamton Devils game at home with one particular waving the BDevils banner while wearing a BSens jersey.
Photo provided by Alicia Strauch

It has been a rough patch so far this season for the Binghamton Devils including a new Arena, new environment and new adjustments for a young team in development with a below .500 record. Let’s help brighten the atmosphere a bit during the holiday season with the first segment concerning those damn old BSens’ jerseys.

Those Old BSens’ Jerseys Need To Go

During the walk from the parking garage to The Arena last Saturday night before the BDevils and BSens game, I couldn’t help but notice several fans donning their old Binghamton Senators’ garb that was probably stuffed away in the back of the closet over the summer months waiting for such an occasion to bring them back when the team from Belleville made their way to the Southern Tier for the very first time. Nice try.

It struck me rather odd at first, but I’m sure they had their reasons entitled to them as paying fans. Especially one in particular waving a Devils flag in celebration after the home team scored with an old Christmas themed BSens featured on the cover. Who’s side is he on anyways?

One fan had a McCormick jersey on. Don’t get me wrong, I like Max McCormick with his aggressive style as one of the most intense players in the game. Another was Matt O’Connor with player’s signatures inked all over the shoulders. There was a Jim O’Brien sighting and a Chris Driedger one as well. What’s going on here? And why?

Those outrageous amounts of money spent for them were crazy back then, although some funds will support a worthy cause which I can understand, but I’m still straining to find a rhyme or reason otherwise for a team that no longer exists. This is now Devils territory, and this community should (and has) support the players regardless of the current results that are surrounding the standings. Not saying those specific fans don’t care however, but where is your BDevils gear?

I know this happens in other sports towns and it’s nothing new here in Binghamton. Besides, those that made it on the Ugly Sweater segment of the video boards were good for a laugh or two, so for that I salute you.

So I guess I can let it go this one time. Just don’t let it happen again. Like ever. Promptly wear your Devils gear in the immediate future and save the BSens jerseys for another time or place, perhaps up north of the border in Belleville for those willing to take in a future game in Canada.

Meanwhile, I have begrudgingly continue to wear my old black BSens’ pullover like I’ve worn for the previous ten seasons or so until I purchase a new one.

So, don’t mind me. Guilty as charged...carry on.

BDevils’ GM Fitzgerald Addresses Concerns/Mike Latta

I have some player updates, in particular Spencer Abbott and his whereabouts that are still unknown as of this writing. A recent interview by broadcaster Rob Lippolis with BDevils’ GM Tom Fitzgerald concerning Abbott took place, along with acquiring veteran forward Michael Latta and what has been a challenging start for the franchise;

It’s great to see the parent club willing to help out their struggling affiliate this early in the season before it perhaps gets too out of hand, as the Latta move already has payed off in huge dividends in this past Saturday night’s victory over Belleville. Before, it was always nothing or a little too late from the previous organization and nothing but words from a former GM.

The trade that took place for Latta happened at the expense of forward Ryan Kujawinski, who was more of an injury scratch rather than a healthy one as he competed in just five games for the BDevils.

Binghamton forward John Quenneville (#17) gives out some pointers to newcomer Michael Latta (#46) about the corners during warm-ups before Saturday’s tilt with the Belleville Senators. The Devils would go on and beat the Sens 5-2 with Latta scoring the game’s first goal.
Photo provided by Jeff Ulmer via Twitter

Meanwhile Latta, a natural centerman was inserted on the right side of the first line with John Quenneville and Tim Kennedy. His on ice presence was enormous that set the tone on Saturday night with him diving for pucks and making good use of his ice time and setting an example for some of the younger players. And Lord knows this club needs every little help they can.

As far as Abbott, I would suggest he continues to enjoy the sand in southern California and stay away from the East Coast as much as possible. This team does not need any outside negative influences that could possibly breach the Devils’ lockerroom.

A Classroom Visit For BDevils

A classroom visit took place when BDevils’ forward Nathan Bastian and defenseman Colton White stopped by Floyd L. Bell Elementary School in Kirkwood, NY for 3rd grade teacher Emily Rose and her class, as she was kind enough to share her thoughts along with a few pics from the event held this past Monday;

“Nate Bastian and Colton White came to Bell Elementary to read Dino Hockey, about a hockey game between the Meat-Eaters and Veggiesaurs. They read to 78 first and third graders. They took turns reading pages and had the students engaged and laughing.”

Photo Provided by Miss Rose

“They also took pictures with students and answered questions about being hockey players. They told students they got to where they are with a lot of practice. White described getting into hockey at the age of 2, when he first learned to skate, before getting into organized hockey at the age of 5.”

Photo Provided by Miss Rose

Miss Rose, who is in her second full year of teaching added, “Nate and Colton offered to stay a few minutes extra to individually sign each photo for the students. I said they didn’t need to do that with the number of students we had but they insisted. In addition, each student received a signed photo of a player that read, a schedule, and a voucher for a free ticket to an upcoming game. They were fantastic!”

Photo Provided by Miss Rose

Concerning how Miss Rose was introduced to the sport of hockey, “I invited players in because I believe in growing the game. I got into hockey when I was in 3rd grade because of a player (Justin Plamondon of the BC Icemen) who came in to read to me and my classmates. I was hooked from the first game.”

“17 years later, I’m a season ticket holder and still just as obsessed. These guys are role models for kids in the community so for them to come in and read is something special. The students can look up to them as both hockey players and readers.”

Thanks goes out to Emily and her 3rd grade class for their contributions! Go Devils!

OT: Bracken Kearns Named As An All-Star Captain

BREAKING: The AHL announced on Tuesday the 2017-’18 All-Star Team Captains as the Binghamton Devils’ were represented by Bracken Kearns and Brett Sutter of the Ontario Reign. The event will take place in Utica, N.Y. at the newly renovated Adirondack Bank Center on January 28th and 29th with the line-up coming up soon. The Captains are selected by league President David Andrews on their “outstanding leadership and service”.

Why he hasn’t been already named Captain of his team is beyond me. Perhaps that story is saved for another day.

And with that, thanks for reading and Happy Holidays Hockey Fans!