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New Jersey Devils Podcast Talking Red Episode #254: Dreams Do Come True

On this edition of Talking Red, Dave and Mike talk about a big week for the Devils and an injury bullet dodged. They also encouage everyone to keep chasing their dreams and hand out some hot investment tips.

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On this week’s episode, David Sarch and I talk about the big week the Devils had in spite of their injury troubles and looked to past seasons for some perspective on just how well this one is going. Beyond that, we discuss the Devils prospects heading to World Juniors, the imminent return of Hall and Palmieri, and how Sami Vatanen is doing so far in New Jersey. We also draw inspiration from Brian Gibbons to not give up on our dreams and look to John Moore for investment tips.

The ways to listen to this week’s episode, which is 54:30 long and 24.95MB in size, are the same as ever:

If you have a comment on the show, leave it below or head to the Talking Red website where you can leave a comment or a voicemail. You can also tweet to Dave directly @TalkingRed on Twitter. Thanks to Dave for having me on and thanks to you for listening.