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New Jersey Devils Talking Red Episode #248: Not Enough Talking Bratt

On this week’s episode, David and CJ talk about some things other that Jesper Bratt. Also some Jesper Bratt.

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This week, David Sarch and I (CJ Turtoro) discuss many topics that are not Jesper Bratt and then also one topic that is Jesper Bratt. Among the non-Jesper topics covered are the cycling of the lower 3 defenders (4 if you include John Moore, which I desperately wish we would), the performance of the goalies, and the Devils possibility of regression. Among the Jesper Brattian topics covered are how many Harts he will win, how exciting he made our first line, and if there is enough Jesper Bratt for David and I to share.

This week’s episode can be listened to in all the usual ways. You can get it directly at the Talking Red website. You can download it from iTunes, Stitcher, or whatever podcasting service you prefer. You can stay right here and stream it at All About the Jersey. This episode is 58:41 long, 26.86 MB large, and has roughly 137 mentions of Jesper Bratt.

As always, if you have any questions or comments about this episode, you can leave them here or Tweet them to @TalkingRed. You can also leave a comment or a voicemail on the Talking Red website. Thank you for listening.