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New Jersey Devils Podcast Talking Red Episode #249: Top of the Metro

This week, David and Mike talk about the Devils’ return to the top of the standings, their outlook over the next few weeks/months with players returning from injury, and the other good vibes surrounding the team right now.

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On this weeks episode, David Sarch and Mike Stromberg talk about the Devils’ week of mixed results that put them back in front in the Metropolitan Division. With the Devils looking shaky at times but still in front, the question is how long they can keep it up. They talk about what to expect from the Devils going forward in a tough division, what the implications are for players like Travis Zajac and Michael McLeod getting healthy, and Cory Schneider’s strong play overall. They also talked about the situation in Binghamton, the trouble with Pavel Zacha, and other issues surrounding the team.

This week’s episode can be listened to the same ways you always do. You can get it directly over at the Talking Red website. You can download it from iTunes, Stitcher, or whatever podcasting service you prefer. You can stay right here and stream it at All About the Jersey. This episode is 53:48 long, 24.63 MB large, and features two guys trying to figure out exactly how positive to be about the Devils.

As always, if you have any questions or comments about this episode, you can leave them here or Tweet them to @TalkingRed. You can also leave a comment or a voicemail on the Talking Red website. Thank you for listening.