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New Jersey Devils Podcast Talking Red Episode #244: I Love to Fun Hockey

On this weekend’s episode of Talking Red, David Sarch and Mike Stromberg talk about what was a very exciting start to the Devils’ season on Saturday. They discuss the success of Hischier, Butcher, and Bratt in their opening game in the NHL as well as what might be in store for the team this season.

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The Devils started their season with an exciting 4-1 win over the Colorado Avalanche on Saturday and the game had a lot of people feeling good vibes about the Devils for the first time in a while. David and I (Mike) talked about the speed and skill on display by the team in their first game, the team’s outlook in the short and long term, and just what it’s like to be excited for a Devils team again. Some specific players touched on include Will Butcher and his three-point night, Jesper Bratt and his all-around great effort, and Nico Hischier with his unmistakable skills with the puck. To top it off, we took some good listener questions on the team’s outlook for this season. It’s about as positive as I can remember being on an episode, so enjoy and please don’t cite anything I said if the team loses 12 games in a row in December.

This week’s episode can be listened to in all the usual ways. You can get it directly at the Talking Red website. You can download it from iTunes, Stitcher, or whatever podcasting service you prefer. You can stay right here and stream it at All About the Jersey. This episode is 53:26 long and 24.46 MB large.

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