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Devils Daily #131: My Second Interview with the Devils Insiders

I was recently interviewed for the second time by Dave Turner and Jeff O’Connor of the Devils Insiders. We talked about the site, stats, the Devils’ defense, Ray Shero, the Devils Ring of Honor, and more about the team.

The Devils Insiders, Dave Turner and Jeff O’Connor, have had a huge 2016-17 season. The daily show by Dave and Jeff from this past summer led them to work with the New Jersey Devils. That podcast is called Devils Tailgate and it has featured the Devils players themselves (their recent episode had Steve Santini). But they do have their standalone episodes and they were on a tear this week. On Tuesday, the hosts talked about the Devils’ recent win over Carolina. On Wednesday, Andrew Napolitano of Devils Data (check out his site for analytic visualizations and analysis) was interviewed. On Thursday night, I was on the show again. We talked about how the recaps are split between observation and data, how the team has been performing, what’s up with the defense, the Devils’ Ring of Honor, and more. I also completely botch some prospects’ names for the 2017 Draft. Sorry to Nico Hirschier whom I kept calling Nino, and especially Timothy Liljegren, whose name I really messed up really badly.

I do come on this episode early. I call in at 1:52 and I’m on until an American Alpha reference at about 35:46. But please listen to the whole episode as Dave and Jeff discuss the World Juniors and more about the Devils.

Thanks to Dave Turner and Jeff O’Connor for having me on the show again. Thank you for listening.