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Devils in the Details - 9/15/16: Pre-tournament has Ended

I follow up on my commitment to try out anti-eye strain software with some news thrown in there

Hockey: World Cup of Hockey-Pre Tournament-Team USA vs Team Canada Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

If you didn’t already know, in my Tuesday article I promised to check out some of the software mentioned in Bryce Salvador’s article in The Player’s Tribune:

“He also notes some really interesting software capabilities that have come about to lessen the strain on your eyes (as I write this at night... not utilizing any of what I’m talking about). I will be checking out some of his advice in the very near future.”

Quoting myself, that’s a first.

I immediately began with downloading a blue light filter for my phone (I have an Android, so Night Shift isn’t standard). For the past two nights I can say that my eyes definitely feel less strained, I cannot comment on quality of sleep as it has only been two nights.

I am currently staring at a computer monitor with a nice red-orange haze characteristic to it. With my computer screen being much larger than my phone, I can’t definitively say whether or not my eyes feel less strained. I want to say yes, I’m just not certain.

I recommend trying it all out for yourself and leave feedback that we can all share from.

Devils News:

The intersecting paths of USA goalies Quick, Schneider and Bishop to World Cup Hockey - Alex Prewitt,

I think the Hockey Gods had some fun when creating these three guys. The higher you advance in the sport of hockey, the smaller the world becomes. Such is the case here. Hopefully we, and Cory, get the last laugh. He jokes about it now:

News from the hockey world:

Daly: NHL adding more concussion spotters this season - PHT

This is the progress that needed to be seen. Now the spotters have the authority to remove a player from a game. We can’t have hockey if we don’t have players, and we won’t have players if they are allowed to play with potential life-altering injuries.

Byfuglien: Playing forward ‘definitely not my favorite,’ experiment could be over - PHT

If you’ve been keeping up with my articles, you’ve likely gotten a little nugget about myself in each one and today is no different. I’m a defenseman. While the allure of scoring all the goals, like a forward might, weighs heavy sometimes, I much prefer putting my body on the line for my team and blocking shots. It can be a strange transition, you grow comfortable with what is required for each position. So I too must say “definitely not my favorite”.

Here’s your scores and schedule through the pre-tournament games for the World Cup of Hockey

Physicality, intensity remain keys for Team USA - Nicholas J. Cotsonika,

They really like to emphasize saying these elements over and over. I almost think I need to start being physical and intense.

No free rides for babies at Heritage Classic: Report - Jen Neale,

Are Millennials killing ticket sales? (Giving some credit to Mike Stromberg for his fascination with “Are Millennials killing ....” articles)

Not only do they want hand outs, they want them for their babies! How dare they!

I bet Millennials don’t even comment down below, none of us! them! Feel free to share your thoughts, and I’d love to hear about any blue light filtering you may try or already use.