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Devils in the Details - 9/13/16: 15 Seconds of Fame

Devils News:

Devils will provide personal videoboard replays to fans - Chris Ryan,

The Devils have added to their growing assortment of technology for the fan experience. We will be the first franchise in the NHL to give fans a shareable clip of themselves on the Videoboard.

If You’re Going Through Hell - Bryce Salvador, The Players Tribune

As a former competitive, and currently less so, hockey player, I truly love when players publish through The Player Tribune. It gives ones self perspective, it shows us that these people are still humans, no matter what level we elevate them to. So to hear about Bryce and the injury and struggle he went through just to play again, let alone the incredible playoff performance he had that year, should give every person hope for the future no matter the endeavor. He also notes some really interesting software capabilities that have come about to lessen the strain on your eyes (as I write this at night... not utilizing any of what I’m talking about). I will be checking out some of his advice in the very near future.

Ooookay Bryce...

News from the hockey world:

Team USA following John Tortorella's lead - Nicholas J. Cotsonika,

T.J Oshie sums it up well:

Team USA is built to go the distance. They’ve got every aspect of the game covered. There is skill, there is size, there is speed, there is physical play, there is scoring. Even the grinder type players are no slouches. 10 of the 13 forwards had 21+ goals last season. I’m excited for Team USA.

Sam Roberts Band, Daya join Killers in party lineup -

New acts have been added for the “Premiere Party”. Full disclosure: Daya has some guilty pleasure songs for me.

Ovechkin critical of NHL playoff format -

I personally share Ovi’s feelings about the structuring of the playoff bracket. It didn’t need to change, nor did the conference’s for that matter, but I digress. They still play the game of hockey, and I will continue to engorge myself with it.

Golly, Gionta: Vet forward to attend Islanders camp on PTO - Dan Saraceni,

I just want to note the incredible enthusiasm they have for this signing.

Best of luck Stephen.

Five Early Observations From The 2016 World Cup of Hockey - Adam Gretz, PHT

If this weekend was any indication, this is going to be an entertaining tournament. When the tournament games start, expect the pace to pick up. If that’s even possible.

As always, share your thoughts with us and fellow fans! Hockey is back!