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Ben Johnson Found Guilty in Sexual Assault Case

Earlier today, former Windsor Spitfire forward Ben Johnson was found guilty by Windsor Superior Court of a sexual assault charge from 2013.

Ben Johnson, formerly of the Windsor Spitfires, was found guilty of sexual assault by Windsor Superior Court earlier today.
Photo by Dennis Pajot/Getty Images

As reported earlier today by Sarah Sacheli at the Windsor Star (Warning: article contains details that some may consider graphic), former Windsor Spitfire and current New Jersey Devils prospect Ben Johnson was found guilty of sexual assault charge from 2013. He will report back to Windsor Superior Court on Friday for a bail hearing, where he may be held in custody until sentencing. Johnson is also undergoing a civil lawsuit for the assault as well.

Chris Thompson at the Windsor Star followed up with the news that the New Jersey Devils organization has initiated the process to terminate his contract.

This post may be updated when further details emerge. Given the nature of this news, comments will be closed.