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Let’s Re-Do the 2015-16 New Jersey Devils Season in EHM: December 2015

The re-do of the 2015-16 New Jersey Devils season in Eastside Hockey Manager continues through December 2015 with the Devils still winning. Even shootouts. This video summarizes what’s happened and asks you, the reader, what to do next.

EHM Standings as of 1/1/2016 in the Let’s Re-Do Game. Yes, NJ is still in a strong position.
Eastside Hockey Manager

Happy New Simulated Year! I’ve completed the on-going re-do of the 2015-16 New Jersey Devils season in Eastside Hockey Manager all the way to January 1, 2016. The surprising news is that the Devils continue to be set in the Eastern Conference. They won just over half of their games in December and took three of their losses beyond regulation. Points matter and they keep getting them.

What exactly did they do and what does the roster now look like? Please watch the video and find out. Please watch the following video in full screen. My commentary is as expected:

I’m sorry to the following advisors: Chris Calabrese, norton-nemesis, Krandish, yaydevils, and All of the trades were rejected and soundly so by the computer. Gustav Nyquist, Tomas Jurco, Corey Perry, and James van Reimsdyk were all deemed untouchable by their respective teams. Likewise for Phil Kessel and Kevin Shattenkirk, whose general managers would not even respond to their inquiries. As a result, the only moves made were the ones within the roster. Chris Calabrese wanted Farnham waived for Reid Boucher. Apparently, Farnham didn’t need to go through waivers, so that was easy to do. Advisor PA Devil wanted Stephen Gionta waived and sent down for Mike Sislo. That was done as well (and Gionta is killing it in Albany).

Apparently, trying to get a “name” offensive player is very difficult. Maybe the plan should be to aim a little lower? For example, Arizona did make an offer for Eric Gelinas. Instead of Klas Dahlbeck, why not Michael Stone? Something like that? As also noted in the video, this may be a good time as any to indulge in any fantasies of Travis Zajac as he hasn’t been all that and a bag of chips. I’ll also point out that Damon Severson isn’t helping his cause for being a player of the future, either. It’s something to think about as you think of suggestions for Mr. Kevin Lomax and I to strengthen the team. Yes, they’re in a healthy position in the standings and Cory Schneider is arguably the best goalie in this game of EHM. But more can be done and before you know it, the trade deadline will come up. So give me your suggestions (and why they are good ones) in the comments soon.

Also: since the trade deadline is in February, I’m thinking about doing January normally and then simulating up until two days before the deadline for the following video. This will give all of you a last chance for suggested moves to make. Hopefully, the team will remain in a good position in the standings ahead of the stretch run to follow.

In any case, please leave your thoughts, reactions, questions (I’ll boot up the game to answer anything you may want to know), and roster suggestions in the comments. I plan on simulating January by around the middle of the coming week. I’ll leave a comment summarizing what I plan to do ahead of it, so look for that. Thank you for watching, listening, and reading.