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Devils Sign Gormley to One Year Contract

NHL: Calgary Flames at Colorado Avalanche
Devils Sign Defenseman Brandon Gormley to One-Year Deal
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Devils have announced the signing of defenseman Brandon Gormley to a one-year, two-way deal for $650,000.

Gormley, drafted by the Coyotes 13th overall in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft was once touted as ‘the next Shea Weber’. Although his career hasn’t panned out as many would’ve expected, Gormley did split time between the NHL and AHL last season with the Colorado Avalanche.

A Quick Look at Gormley

This signing may leave many scratching their heads saying, “who?”, and while that may be the case, it is a low risk deal on a player who was once a top prospect.

First, Gormley’s junior numbers were terrific. Being over a point per game in the QMJHL twice, he was selected at the top of the 2010 draft as an elite offensive weapon. That’s where his offense stagnates. Since being drafted Gormley has played in only 58 NHL games, totaling 5 points. In the AHL he has performed markedly better, posting 82 points over 188 games.

Second, this is likely Gormley’s last shot in the league. Although he has bounced around from organization to organization, he has yet to find a place to stick. His season in the AHL last year was abysmal. He posted a -19 plus-minus, the worst on his team in only 39 games and among the worst in the entire league. He should be motivated to turn his game around.

Lastly, Gormley is a no risk signing. He’s making below a million dollars on a two-way deal. He was likely brought in to compete for a job in camp and make sure nobody stays complacent. If he manages to stick in the NHL that’s a huge plus. If not, he will provide depth in Albany.

Your Thoughts

What impact do you think Gormley will have? Will he manage to make the NHL this season or will he be an AHL depth guy? Let us know your thoughts and as always, thank you for reading!