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Let’s Re-Do the 2015-16 New Jersey Devils Season in EHM: November 2015

The re-do of the 2015-16 New Jersey Devils season in Eastside Hockey Manager continued into November. Surprisingly, the good times largely kept on rolling. This video summarizes what happened and asks you, the reader, what to do next.

One month down, and another was recently completed. The Eastside Hockey Manager simulation continues! What changed with the roster? Thanks to the artificial intelligence not matching real life, nothing! Speaking of the artificual intelligence not matching real life, a healthy Jiri Tlusty and Patrik Elias resulted in some odd line combinations. Such as games where Travis Zajac would end up on that third line, games where Elias would be the second or third line center instead of left wing, and the fourth line being some grab bag of just guys on a line. The result of all of this?

Well, watch the video and find out. Please watch the following video in full screen. My commentary is as expected:

So apologies to advisors Mike and LedHotZeplinPepr for their deals not working out. The AI behind Montreal just loves DSP and the game was smarter than Peter Chiarelli. For the purposes of demonstration, I did inquire about Hall so we’ll see what the game would even want for him. I’m likely going to just pass on that (unless it’s something low and silly). Apologies also go to advisor NJDManiac for not picking anyone up on the waiver wire. When the biggest name is Patrick Maroon, no move was made. The biggest apologies are for advisor Krandish, as only one of Krandish’s requests were satisfied. I explain why in the video. But all things told, the EHM-New Jersey Devils are still a playoff-bound squad. Kyle Palmieri made his presence felt as Tlusty found himself in a great and unfamiliar position. Oh, and Cory Schneider continued to prove to be The Man. That (and more) led to the great month of results.

Per the end of the video, please give me your suggestions as to what Kevin Lomax should do - and briefly why. As explained, putting players on the block does not necessarily draw interest and they only build up discontentment for Mr. Lomax and/or the team. While the 2015-16 EHM-Devils are in a good spot, there’s a lot of hockey to be simmed and a lot could go wrong. Besides, naming some actual players to try and trade for would work. Additionally, should someone be on the waiver wire and/or one of you really, really wants Reid Boucher in New Jersey, then I want to know who should I be waived, sent down, or dealt away to make room on the roster?

I plan on simulating December around the middle of next week, so please give me your thoughts and suggestions in the comments when you can. Thank you for watching, listening, and reading.