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Meta: Updated Rules for All About the Jersey

Ahead of new rules throughout the SBN network, the rules at All About the Jersey have been updated.

While really a Devils-related post as it is a site-related posts. After far too long, I've updated the rules for this very site. On or about on this day, there will be network-wide rules and guidelines. Most of the rules established at this site are compliant. Pretty much all of the current users follow it. But I wanted to clarify and specify a few things to make sure there's no question or concern about them. I will not tell you what they are; but I will tell you that you can read them here.

While I'm on this meta-style post, I have a question for the larger community. I typically post what I think is interesting and worth discussing about the Devils. I also realize that I'm getting closer and closer to having been a blogger for ten years. Would it be worth something to post in the FanPost section for me to give my own thoughts on blogging in general? Such as: what I've learned, what I wish I did more of, how to get into it, etc.? Let me know what you think about that in the comments. Thank you for reading.