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Let’s Re-Do the 2015-16 New Jersey Devils Season in EHM: October 2015

The re-do of the 2015-16 New Jersey Devils season in Eastside Hockey Manager has begun. October was simulated and the on-ice performance was a pleasant surprise. This video summarizes what happened and asks you, the reader, what to do next.

The Standings after Oct. 2015 in EHM. Yes, the Devils are in 2nd.  That’s not a photoshop.
The Standings after Oct. 2015 in EHM. Yes, the Devils are in 2nd. That’s not a photoshop.

The simulated regular season has begun for the 2015-16 Re-Do of the New Jersey Devils’ season! Preseason went off without much of a hitch. The team was mostly successful. Jordin Tootoo was the only who suffered an injury that required to go on IR; and he was able to return in October. The Devils were set for the season.

From the standpoint of Kevin Lomax’s advisers (that’s what I’m calling you all in this), the AAtJ community, there was not much action to be demanded. Adviser alslammerz suggested moving Keith Kinkaid for possibly a better goalie as Cory Schneider’s backup. Advisers NJHockey8, yaydevils, and Chris Calabrese suggested Kinkaid should be moved for an offensive player instead. Kinkaid was put on the trading block for this purpose to start the month. Otherwise, no other moves were made (or suggested)

This meant the roster was full of 23 skaters with only player having to be sent down as a spare: Reid Boucher. How would the Devils do in the first month of this simulated world? Let’s find out. Again, the following video is best viewed in full screen. My commentary is a little hoarse due to bringing the noise at a Red Bulls game on Wednesday combined with the usual issues:

The Devils in EHM did far better than they did in real life. There were some matching results, such as Lee Stempniak causing exclamations to go with his name like, “Lee Stempniak!” There were some surprises like the contributions of Patrik Elias and Jiri Tlusty, the latter being something yaydevils noted. There were also some surprising disappointments. Watch the video for the details on all that.

Now that you’ve seen a full month of action and it’s been positive for the simulated Devils, what do you want Kevin Lomax to do next? Hopefully, a few games of action to see how everyone does helps the suggestion process. Kinkaid is still on the block, so he could still be moved for someone offensive - even if it isn’t impressive. Remember that the goal is to make the playoffs. As good as October was, the Devils weren’t the only ones in the Metro that did so well in EHM so some bold moves may be needed to keep the offense going and, hopefully, the wins. Or even some less than bold moves. Whatever works.

As stated in the video, let me know what you want Kevin Lomax and I to do for the coming month. I plan on continuing to play the game around next Wednesday, so you have a few days to get your ideas in. Thank you for watching, listening, and reading.