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2016 NHL Draft: New Jersey Devils Select Jeremy Davies in Seventh Round

With the 192nd overall pick in the 2016 NHL Draft, the New Jersey Devils selected Jeremy Davies. This is a quick post with a reaction to the pick and will be updated to include more information about the newest Devil prospect.

The seventh round will conclude the 2016 NHL Draft.   Unless there is a trade, then the New Jersey Devils will make their final selection in this round.  In the seventh round, the New Jersey Devils selected defenseman Jeremy Davies out of Bloomington of the United States Hockey League with the one hundred and ninety-second overall pick.  No, not the actor.  A hockey player.

My initial reaction is one of not being moved one way or another.  It's the 192nd overall pick. It's a seventh rounder.  There's not much of a reason to get excited unless the selected player fell a long way and/or does something particularly well.  I don't get that impression with Davies.  According Elite Prospects, he's 5'11", 181 pounds, shoots left, and was born on December 12, 1996.  Yes, he's an overaged defenseman who was passed over in two drafts.

He did have a great 2015-16 season with Bloomington in the USHL.  In fact, he led all defensemen in the USHL in scoring.  However, given that he's an older player, I can't get so excited for that fact.  Davies is committed to go to Northeastern University, so the Devils can certainly let him play there for four years and see if he can be a pro hockey player at age 23.

All the same, regardless of my initial thoughts, I welcome Jeremy Davies to the New Jersey Devils organization. I wish him the best of luck in his development within the organization.  Now I want to know what you have to say about the pick in the comments.  Do you think it was a good pick or not and why? What do you expect this player will become for the Devils?  Of course, don't forget to vote in our quick poll on the selection.  Thank you for reading.