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Nine Picks for Devils: 2016 NHL Draft Rounds 2 Through 7 Open Post

Today is the second day of the 2016 NHL Draft, which will include the second through seventh rounds. The New Jersey Devils have nine picks and this is an open post for AAtJ readers to discuss the draft action as it happens.

Last night, the first round of the 2016 NHL Draft happened. The New Jersey Devils traded down one spot with the Ottawa Senators to pick up an extra third round pick in this year. The Devils then drafted Michael McLeod. You can read more about what I thought about that pick and what others think about the player in this post.

That was then. Today is the rest of the draft, from the second round all through the seventh. While the likelihood of these drafted players making it into the NHL gets smaller with each round, success on this day is crucial for a team to have a solid set of prospects. The New Jersey Devils are re-building. A combination of proper analysis, scouting, and fortune to yield a few NHLers in the future will hasten that process.

The Time: 10 AM EST

The Broadcast: TV - NHL Network, SportsNet. Failing that, go to

The Devils’ Picks Today: They have nine after last night. Here they are:

  • Second Round - 41st Overall (11th in round)
  • Third Round - 73rd Overall (12th in round)
  • Third Round - 77th Overall (16th in round)
  • Third Round - 80th Overall (19th in round; from Ottawa last night)
  • Fourth Round - 102nd Overall (11th in round)
  • Fourth Round - 105th Overall (14th in round)
  • Fifth Round - 132nd Overall (11th in round)
  • Sixth Round - 162nd Overall (11th in round)
  • Seventh Round - 192nd Overall (11th in round)

The AAtJ Profiles: All of them are here.

The Widget: From SBN:

The Rules: As always, keep your comments clean & respectful to others, relevant to the Devils and/or the NHL draft as a whole, and do not post illegal streams. We will be trying our best to get posts up for the picks made when they happen. Once that’s done and the draft is over, I will attempt to summarize the Devils’ actions. So please bear with us throughout the morning and early afternoon. Thank you for spending a part of your Saturday with us as the 2016 NHL Draft closes out.