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Devils Daily #28: My Interview with Dave of Devils Insiders on the Draft & More

I was recently interviewed by Dave Turner of Devils Daily about what the New Jersey Devils will do for the 2016 NHL Draft, what Ray Shero and Paul Castron did in the past, some under-the-radar picks, and more.

Are you aware of Devils Daily?  You should be, my fellow New Jersey Devils fans.  It's a live-call in daily podcast about the New Jersey Devils on Blog Talk Radio. They also re-host their daily shows on Soundcloud.  It's also a podcast that I recently (last night) on with Dave of @DevilsInsiders.  The interview is about what you would expect in this part of the offseason: Yams. Just kidding.  It's about the upcoming 2016 NHL Draft with a little about the offseason in general for New Jersey.   I enjoyed my time with Dave on the show and I'm pretty impressed in general that there's a daily podcast about the team.  It's definitely something to keep tabs on now and when the season begins.

Since I was on today's show with a recorded interview, I figure you all should check it out in case you want to know who I would really like for the pick at #11 (Clayton Keller), Ray Shero's and Paul Castron's pasts in drafts, which two prospects profiled on the site for potential late round picks, and more.  I come in at about 22:38:

Per the end of the interview, I do plan to have a round-up post of all of the mock drafts out there for New Jersey on Sunday.  We'll have a few more profiles up in the run up to the NHL Draft next Friday.  I can't believe it's almost here. And then right after that there's free agency.  This is the busiest part of the offseason.  Drink it in, when you can.

Thanks to Dave Turner for having me on and interviewing me.  Thanks also to Jeff O'Connor, who is also leading this bold effort to having a daily show about our favorite team.  Check it out, my fellow Devils fans.  Thank you for listening.